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About me…

As a child we always went to grandma on Sundays. Grandma always had delicious Indian biscuits or a pan of rice and chicken ready and the adults were drinking coffee tubruk (Indonesian coffee).
My grandma had always been a bit spiritual, as is common in Indonesian families.
I used to sit on the floor in front of my grandmother and she massaged my head. I loved that!
But grandma got older, got rheumatism and at a certain point could no longer massage my head.
I forgot.

Until one day I traveled to India where you can get an Indian head massage anywhere! I decided to learn this and was one of the first to introduce this in the Netherlands. From the beginning I had lots of customers.
I developed a course in Indian head massge. I developed an online course.
Many trips to India followed, to learn from the best head masseuses everywhere I went.

Already in 2016 I traveled to the town of Pushkar to learn the Cosmic Head Massage from Cosmic Baba.
But I left a little bit disappointed. Cosmic Baba definitely had some gifts but was mainly there for show.

After many years of experience in giving healings and head massages, I decided to develop a cosmic head massage myself. I have tested it on a number of people and they have had wonderful experiences.
They saw light in their heads during the cosmic head massage, colors and received new ideas and inspiration.

This is how the Cosmic Head Massage training came to reality. A head massage that is completely in line with this time. Unique. Heavenly. A head massage that suits this time of a leap in our collective consciousness.

Below I let you enjoy my experience at Cosmic Baba 🙂

Namasté, Ira