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Cosmic Head massage

A unique training, nowhere in the world to be found!
A combination of intense stress relief massage techniques and cosmic healing.


You have a massage and / or healing practice and would like to learn something new.


You have children and / or family members who experience a lot of stress and you want to help them.


You want to help reconnect someone with his / her higher path.


You want to learn more about the transmission of energy.


You would like to contribute to a beautiful spiritual experience for someone.

Then this training is really something for you!


What does massage do on the sixth and seventh chakras?


How do you literally pull tension from the head?


How do you massage the area where we hold on to old trauma?


How do you activate the energy in your hands?

Massage and heal from a higher level of consciousness …

Cosmic head massage is massaging from a higher level of consciousness, from a higher dimension.
The receiver can perceive colors and images.
The receiver can sense light in the skull.
The receiver reconnects with his / her higher path.
Some experience a frequency reset.
Some experience images from a previous life.

What do I have to offer?

About me I was one of the first to introduce the Indian Head Massage in the Netherlands over 12 years ago. Growing up in an Indian family as a child, my grandmother used to do a head massage on me. After a trip to India, I decided to put this into practice in the Netherlands. I have trained many people in this, both during workshops and through online training.

Years ago I traveled to India again with the intention of learning about the Cosmic Head Massage this time. However, the Indian Cosmic Head masseur turned it into quite a show. I kind of forgot but recently this idea came back to life and I developed my own way, without show :-). With many years of experience as a healer and masseur and the opening of the Third Eye / Pain gland, this was a logical step to develop. I hope you enjoy giving this massage as much as I do. It can be a magical spiritual experience for both giver and receiver with opening chakras, colors and images to be perceived and connection to the supreme source of Love.

I run a spiritual café in The Hague (The Netherlands): Namasté Café. Namasté Boutique is part of that, also webshop. Namasté Academy hosts my online courses. A few times per year I do spiritual retreats which can be found on Namasté Travel. I also can be hired for palm readings at events through Namasté Events.


You can start any moment!

Cosmic head massage

This training is intended for anyone who wants to develop themselves and help others because Cosmic Head Massage is easy to learn.

Simple massage techniques, simple healing techniques, a nice essential oil and a good intention is all it takes.

You perform this massage on the massage chair or, if you do not have it, on the massage table with the backrest up or on a regular chair or other easy chair.

In this training you will learn everything you need. Your investment?

You earn it back with one and a half treatments!

Online Training

Online training



Packages & Prices

Training “Cosmic head massage”


Online videotraining,  e-book, certificate

This training includes:
1 introduction video
28 minutes on-demand videotraining
Illustrated e-book (25 pages)
Lifelong access
Viewing on mobile devices possible

Training “Cosmic head massage” plus websitelisting


  Online videotraining,  e-book, certificate, 1 year website listing

This training includes:
1 introduction video
28 minutes on-demand videotraining
Illustrated e-book (25 pages)
Lifelong access
Viewing on mobile devices possible
A certificate
One year of website listing on www.cosmicheadmassage.com

Website listing www.cosmicheadmassage.com


1 year website listing

Extension or one-year website listing with your practice on the website: www.cosmicheadmassage.com (if you have previously followed the online training at Namasté Academy). Benefit from marketing and brand awareness.

Who am I?

I am Ira, owner of Namasté Café in The Hague, The Netherlands. I have such an expansive knowledge in the holistic, psychic and consciousness field and have done many studies to expand my knowledge.

As a child I grew up in an Indonesian family and I was raised with massage.

I am so happy to share everything I have learned. I have become more and more one with I have to do here, my dharma, which is transferring knowledge in the field of healing, spirituality, esotericism and consciousness.

That’s what I love to do. I am a soul healer, I see where someone’s unhappiness and emotions come from and over the years I have become a ‘master’ in controlling my mindset and emotions. That was so liberating for me. I love to give head massages but a new dimension was needed and I developed the Cosmic Head Massage, inspired by Cosmic Baba from Pushkar, India.

Frequently asked Questions

For whom is this training?

For masseurs and healers who want to give an extra dimension to their practice or for people who simply want to apply this at home.

How long does it take?

As long as you need. You can watch the video unlimited times and practice.

Is this an online training?

Yes, it is an online training.

When does this start?

After payment you get instant access.

Can I pay in terms?

No, for this training advance payment is required.

Release tension and connect with Source…

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